“Il Distretto Delle Scarpe”

The ARTISANA collection is exemplary of  “il distretto delle scarpe”, or the shoe district of Le Marche, Italy. ARTISANA r
epresents contemporary Italian craftsmanship applying artisanal shoemaking skills to innovative, sustainable materials.  

Le Marche is the oldest region for luxury footwear manufacturing with the most revered artisanal luxury shoemakers in all of Italy. PROTA FIORI's shoes are made in a 2nd generation factory.
Our embroideries are obtained by the use of our generational hands on skills and advanced, multi-heads embroidery machines which are prepared to reproduce our creations with the touch of Italian hands. Our shoe artisans articulately design each weaving with the utmost attention to detail, representing the best Made in Italy handcrafting tradition on which the identity of our company is based.
Every shoe starts with a whimsical dream and a sketch to be turned into a reality. A recurring theme is that the shoe designs are always named after a flower, tying back to Prota Fiori, which means “to protect the flowers”.


Cypress is the shade of the trees which cultivate over the whimsical and picturesque hillsides of Le Marche, Italy among the vineyards, wheat, green grass and sunflower fields.

Portonovo is the hue of the dreamy seaside nestled where the land meets the sea at a paradise in the Conero Park, near the Italian Riviera of Sirolo.


Upcycled Lizard Embossed Apple Skins, USDA Biobased Preferred Certified, Made In Italy