Welcome to Le Marche, Italy. A stunning region known for its deeply experienced artisanal shoemakers and famous “Made in Italy” luxury women’s shoes, we're proud to call Le Marche the home of PROTA FIORI.

Drive 4 hours from Milan over rolling hills, past vineyards, 'agriturismo’ farmhouses, and stunning landscapes of the Adriatic Sea to arrive in this breathtaking region and it will become clear immediately: Le Marche is just as understated and luxurious as the shoes its people make.

Our world-class third generation factory sits amongst the land of agriculture, with sprawling views of farms that grow regional and organic produce including figs, olives, wheat, and of course, fine wines.

Shoemakers carry on the craft they’ve learned from previous generations in Le Marche and their skills continue to improve with time as they infuse modernity with tradition. What started in the farmhouse has evolved to the factory and through it all, soulful and grounded artistry is embedded in the hands of each family.

Offering expertise unlike any other region of Italy, Le Marche is the perfect home for PROTA FIORI and its factory. Why? It is a best-in-class region that meets all the needs of women’s luxury shoe making - an intricate and sophisticated process that is (of course) made in Italy.