Dearest PROTA FIORI friends and family,

 I invite you to join my simple and heartfelt mission – to protect our earth while not compromising the desire to be chic. 

Having worked over a decade in fashion, I couldn’t ignore the impact the industry is making on our environment. I realized at the core, my work and values were not aligned and thought, “there must be a way to marry both the passion for beautiful luxury footwear handcrafted in Italy and preserving our vulnerable, delicate planet.” 

In 2018, my vision of PROTA (to protect) FIORI (flowers) blossomed. With Mother Earth on our side, we found a creative way to make a shoe out of sustainable materials without sacrificing any spirit for fashionable and luxurious style.

With my Italian roots at its core, PROTA FIORI is 100% sourced and made in Italy, hand crafted and celebrates the use of unique non-toxic materials such as apple skins, grape skins and upcycled materials.

 Help me plant the seed of sustainability and be a part of growing a community of smart, elegant, and mission driven fashion. Mother Earth is here to help. Please join us to preserve the past and protect the future.

Now let us live La Dolce Vita.