"La Dolce Vita"

The SERATA collection is designed for “la dolce vita”, or the sweet life. Dancing, indulging, dreaming, The constant pursuit and pleasure in the Italian lifestyle. The collection of evening shoes is designed for celebrating our sweet life, symbolic of the ethos of Prota Fiori.

Each new silhouettes reflect exquisite Italian design, style and craftsmanship which exude femininity with grace and elegance. Each footwear design is sustainable by the marriage of classic design and new, innovative sustainable materials applied to shoemaking like never done before. Every shoe starts with a whimsical dream and a sketch to be turned into a reality. A recurring theme is that the shoe designs are always named after a flower, tying back to Prota Fiori, which means “to protect the flowers”.


Sirolo is the hue of Prota Fiori and reflects the Italian Riviera of Le Marche, Sirolo, symbolizing the premium quality and heritage of Italian design and artisanal shoemaking Prota Fiori.

The hue of Midnight is Mother Earth’s night sky in the Italian countryside of Le Marche. The midnight sky represents the promise of renewal for Mother Earth, our hope and mission.

The hue of Lavender is Mother Earth’s flowers in Le Marche. Lavender flowers symbolize the refinement and relaxed luxury of our exquisite footwear designs.

Rose is at the heart of Prota Fiori. Light pink roses represent femininity and elegance, just like our delicately designed footwear designs.


Sustainable Satin, GOTS Certified, EcoVero Lenzing Certified, Made In Italy
Bio-based Sugarcane Molasses, Carbon Neutrality, GOTS Certified, Made In Italy
Upcycled Apple Skins, USDA Biobased Preferred Certified, Made In Italy