PROTA FIORI is a women's luxury footwear brand created on the ethos of sustainability sourced and made in Italy. We have been conceived with the principle that business can be a catalyst for change and we’re committed to building an authentic and socially impactful company with sustainability at the center of it all.



Who Created Us?

Officially launched in 2020 by luxury footwear and sustainable fashion expert, Jennifer Stucko is our Founder and CEO.



What Does Prota Fiori Mean?

Simply stated, PROTA FIORI means to “Protect the Flowers”. 


Why is Our First Collection In White And Why Is It So Special?

The bianco color story for the inaugural collection was intentionally chosen with meaning - to signify purity, rebirth, new beginnings, and perhaps even a new beginning for Italian luxury footwear. Stay tuned as we introduce more colors, patterns and more!