Prota Fiori, The First Woman-Owned Sustainable Luxury Footwear Brand Made In Italy Is Now A Certified B Corp

Prota Fiori, a woman-owned sustainable luxury footwear brand sourced and made in Italy has achieved B Corp Certification. To meet the rigorous evaluation of the company’s environmental, social and governance impact, Founder and CEO Jennifer Stucko and her team collaborated with MBA students from leading US universities as part of the nonprofit B Corp Clinic run by NC State University. The student team, led by Svetlana Geshtovt, began the detailed work on the 300 governance, workers, communities, and environment questions in April 2020 and after a wait following submission, they recently learned the certification had been finalized.

As my earlier research has shown, the B Corp process offers Prota Fiori a powerful framework to build and accelerate growth in the future and also demonstrates the brand’s ethos and commitment to continuously improve and challenge itself to do better.

With this certification, Prota Fiori joins companies like Chloe, Vestiaire, Patagonia and Allbirds. Stucko described that the certification is well aligned with the company’s mission, “to preserve Italian craftsmanship with sustainability.”