Contemporary Italian Craftsmanship

prota fiori

A feminine Approach to Sustainability since 2018

Prota Fiori is a women’s luxury footwear brand fully sourced and made in Italy. Using plant-based fibers and environmentally friendly materials to design timeless shoes that will last you a lifetime, the brand is founded on a commitment to make a positive impact in our fight against food waste and climate change without compromising quality and style. Made with a combination of upcycled grape and apple skins, Prota Fiori’s innovative shoe designs tell the story of past meets future rooted in Italian heritage and a celebration of Mother Nature.

Prota Fiori is dedicated to authenticity and integrity whose mission is to make the most beautiful sustainable and luxurious shoes fully sourced and made in Italy for the modern woman with utmost elegance and femininity.

Made in Italy Know How and Luxury Heritage

Italian shoe making is synonymous with style, quality, technical excellence and elegance. The Italian shoe manufacturing know-how is significant and represents more than just the shoe itself -- it’s one of the most important industries in the country, has a deep and innovative supplier base, and is closely linked to Italy’s luxury sector heritage, culture and family company ownership tradition.

Le Marche, located in the South of Italy, is home to PROTA FIORI and the oldest region for luxury footwear manufacturing with the most revered artisanal luxury shoemakers in all of Italy. PROTA FIORI's shoes are made in a multi-generational Le Marche factory trusting their know-how, sense of duty and dedication to making the finest luxury shoes.

Italian design, Excellence and Premium Quality

Our first original design was made in April 2019.

Our designs are made from scratch by our design team based in Italy.

Each silhouette is a reflection of Italian luxury footwear with breakthrough materials representing the future of fashion accessories combined with exceptional classic Italian design and top quality environmentally friendly materials resulting in shoes with maximum quality, comfort and longevity. PROTA FIORI is a true luxury Italian made shoe fully sourced and made in Italy by 2nd generation shoemakers.

PROTA FIORI's innovative use of breakthrough sustainable materials combined with our application in the luxury footwear sector is unprecedented. Our intellectual property is protected through a utility patent pending.

Earth Friendly Raw Materials From Italy

The application of sustainable luxury raw materials to the complex craft of Italian know-how shoemaking is unique and requires substantial and highly skilled manufacturing technique and product design expertise.

We have fully searched and pioneered relationships that now allow the application to footwear of the best in class raw materials currently being used by other top luxury industry leaders from the automakers, aircraft interiors, watchmakers and home design industries.

Our nontraditional approach to building a sustainable materials supply chain enables us to break new ground -- partnering with innovative materials science development resources and combining their expertise, allowing PROTA FIORI's design team and 2nd generation factory to make innovative luxury footwear with state of the art suppliers.

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2 Generations of Shoemakers

Since 2018, our 2nd generation shoemakers have committed their know-how, skillset and dedication to PROTA FIORI. Together, we represent the old and the new and a marriage of the past with the future.

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