A value-based system and sustainable model built with authenticity from day 1.

It all started with a dream by our Founder, Jennifer Stucko in 2018 for PROTA FIORI, guided by authenticity and a deep desire to preserve the past of Italian craftsmanship with the future of sustainability. A rich desire to give back to the world and save the planet by making a positive footprint. We are built on the ethos of sustainability with passion, integrity, honesty and transparency in mind, from day 1.

Eco-Design Excellence

Designing and manufacturing footwear using traditional Italian craftsmanship methods, PROTA FIORI footwear is distinctive for their ability to be repaired thus extending their lifespan, in addition to the state of the art sustainable raw materials applied to make them.

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Responsible Sourcing

Each raw material supplier is thoughtfully evaluated by our Founder and PROTA FIORI's criteria. Our supply chain is sourced fully in Italy by best in class suppliers, and maintains applicable certificates and commitments for saving the planet. We're sourced in Italy, the modern way.

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Italian Craftsmanship

While protecting the future is important, we believe in protecting the past too. Italian craftsmanship represents more than just the know-how itself -- it’s one of the most important industries in the country, has a deep and innovative supplier base, and is closely linked to Italy’s luxury sector heritage, culture and family tradition. We believe in preserving "made in Italy" the modern way.

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Responsible Distribution

Sustainability is present in the business model of our 3rd party logistics center. Environmental, social and economic factors are considered by way of business activity.

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