Welcome to Le Marche, Italy. A stunning region know for it's deeply experienced artisanal shoemakers and famous "made in Italy" luxury women's shoes and now home to PROTA FIORI.

Drive 4 hours from Milan over rolling hills past vineyards, "agriturisimo" farmhouses, and stunning landscapes of the Adriatic Sea to arrive in this breathtaking region. Le Marche is just as luxurious as the shoes its people make.

Our world class 2nd generation factory sits amongst sprawling views of wine and local farming, such as figs, olives and wheat. Our shoemakers carry on the craft they've learned from previous generations and their skills continue to improve with time as they infuse modernity with tradition and ethical production.

Our factory operates with strict sustainability guidelines and all our policies are monitored and reinforced with transparency. These guidelines require that our factory meets the highest standards of our code of ethics including workers' rights, health and safety, the requirement of environmental permits and monitoring of but not limited to chemical restrictions, water and waste management and wastewater treatment.

We believe in fostering care and integrity in our people, manufacturing processes, and supply chain so that we can have a positive impact for generations to come.