A Note from the Founder

Ciao Bella,

I invite you to join my simple and heartfelt mission - to protect our Mother Earth while not compromising the desire to be chic.

After working over a decade at Italian fashion houses and building an expertise in footwear, I couldn’tignore the toxic impact the fashion industry has on the planet. I realized at my core that my career pathand personal values were not aligned and thought, “there must be a way to marry both my passion forbeautiful, timeless luxury footwear handcrafted in Italy and the preservation of our vulnerable, delicateplanet.” 

In 2018, my vision of Prota (to protect) Fiori (the flowers) blossomed. Prota Fiori was conceived from what I love, what I know and what I believe. We have pioneered a way to design a luxury shoe with premium circular and sustainable materials sourced in Italy without sacrificing fashionable Italian design, quality and technical excellence. Our mission is to create environmentally friendly luxury footwear while preserving Italian craftsmanship. The brand is a combination of my deep appreciation of my Italian ancestry, my sincere desire to make a positive impact on the fashion industry, our fight against climate change and my passion for chic luxury Italian made shoes. I believe we symbolize the future of ‘made in Italy’ as we celebrate craftsmanship with sustainability with authenticity from day one.

The name Prota Fiori is inspired by images of my Italian ancestors who immigrated from Naples to the United States in the early 1900’s holding flowers. Prota Fiori is my interpretation of how I would like to communicate my vision of a feminine approach to sustainability, which I also believe includes preserving our most authentic roots, like my Italian ancestry. The heart of our branding, our rose motif, is inspired by my great grandmother's image below and is on our sole and inside our shoebox. Each shoe is namedafter a flower, celebrating the roots of Prota Fiori and feminine elements of Mother Earth.

Help me plant the seed of sustainability and please join us in preserving the past with the future.

Jennifer Stucko

The Future of Luxury Footwear

PROTA FIORI is the first of its kind - a female founded women’s luxury footwear brand designed and manufactured with state-of-the-art sustainable materials including upcycled grape and apple skins made in Italy with best in class partners using Italy's unique combination of artisanal craftsmanship and production technology that has made it the world's leader in luxury footwear.


Using plant-based fibers and environmentally friendly materials to design timeless shoes that are both aesthetically stunning and exceedingly comfortable, the brand is founded on a commitment to make a positive impact in our fight against food waste, responsible fashion design and production and climate change without compromising quality and style.

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Making a Positive Global Footprint

From day 1, PROTA FIORI has had an ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) minded business practice. We are a Public Benefit Corporation which means we place our purpose before our profit. As a PBC we are committed to making a positive effect on the environment, implementing sustainable business practices and promoting women in business.

To further our efforts to make a positive impact on the planet, we are a certified B Corporation Certification, fulfill 13 of the 17 UN SDGs, and have a social impact citrus tree garden located in Sicily, Italy.

Learn more about our commitments here.