Hello PROTA FIORI friends and family,


I’d like to extend my warmest welcome to the PROTA FIORI community, my dream, now made and now coming true. I enjoy asking people what inspires them to take a leap of faith, to make a change and to ultimately make a difference. Now I’d like to answer those questions for you.


With this letter I am committed to sharing and inspiring you my authentic story.


I am not a climate change expert, nor a scientist. I am a shoe obsessed aficionado of footwear made in Italy. I am a girl who was looking to find herself, just like each of us, and traveled to 18 of the 20 regions of Italy. I am a fearless leader who jumped at the opportunity to run a 90-year old Italian shoe company at the age of 26, because I love shoes, and I love made in Italy.


I am a risk taker. I had a life changing moment at the Brentwood Country Mart in Los Angeles in 2016. I invited Mallika Chopra, Deepak Chopra’s daughter to breakfast and she said yes. I had just finished her book, ‘Living With Intent’ and felt compelled to thank her for teaching me how to live with intent, manifest and be grateful. Thank you Mallika, for this experience.


I am inquisitive. The past couple of years I’ve been drawn to climate change. The first documentary that I watch on this issue is called “Before The Flood” by Leonardo DiCaprio and this would be all I needed to take my leap of faith. A ripple effect of more documentaries, articles and books pours in. I am now part of the ‘movement’.


I am a go getter. I ask myself how can I preserve my love for the past (artisanal Italian shoemaking) and protect the future (humanity)? As Mallika taught me, set the intention, manifest, and be grateful for each step along the way. Repeat, repeat, repeat.


Fast forward to today, PROTA FIORI was born to be the first mission led and purpose driven company built on the principles that business will act as a catalyst of change. It is the labor of fruits from my deepest intentions, manifestations and gratitude for each step to get here. I’ve married my niche Italian footwear expertise with innovative eco-friendly technologies in a way that’s never been done before. We are the first, and we’re made in Italy the modern way.

The supply chain and components of each shoe was built with integrity, honesty and thorough background checking for international certifications, commitments and credible awards geared toward improving human and planetary well-being. As a purpose driven brand revolving around sustainability, it’s been really important for me to stay true to why I started this company and be committed to our DNA, and I’m proud to say we’re reaching our goals and still striving.

I am committed to act as a community for approachable, educational and engaging conversation about what climate change is, how it affects us and what we can do to step with impact in our sustainably composed shoes, no pun intended. If the fashion industry has the ability to influence trends, then it has the power to play a positive role in protecting the planet and humanity. That’s a real privilege and responsibility for someone like myself with my industry knowledge and niche Italian footwear expertise. I’m truly inspired and committed to my mission and am grateful each and every day for the opportunity to make a difference.     



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Assistant Vice President

Digital Marketing & eCommerce, L'Oreal

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Photographer, Kramer & Kramer

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Chief Financial Officer, Chopard

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Senior Brand Relations & Marketing Manager, Brunello Cucinelli

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Chief Executive Officer, Graff

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Vice President, Strategic Programs, Casper

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Chief Sales Officer, Forbes

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Director of Celebrity & Public Relations, Saks Fifth Avenue