Flowers of Le Marche

Rolling hills covered by sunflowers

Early to mid-July is the most beautiful time for sunflowers in Le Marche. It is a fast growing crop that thrives in the sunshine, hence the Italian name girasole, which means “turn to the sun”. The sunflower season marks the change from the lush green fields of spring to the hot summer. Sunflowers represent our adoration for nature, and something bigger than ourselves.

Wild, wild poppies

Late June to early July is the best time to see the poppy fields blossoming over the rolling hills of Le Marche. The Italian name for poppy is papavero which means a type of plant, typically a large red flower. We love the fields of wild poppies. Red represents our pioneering spirit!

Fields bathed in lavender

From June to July the fields are bathed in fragrant purple blossoms. The name lavender (lavendula) comes from the Latin verb lavare, meaning ‘to wash’. It was used in the bathing rituals of ancient Rome for its antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Fragrant and versatile, we love that lavender allows us live a sustainable life. Thanks, Roma!