Our Garden is located in the Provence of Syracuse in Sicily.
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Our Garden Goals

Our dream is to build a garden of orange and pomegranate trees in the country where our shoes are made, but it’s not just about a beautiful garden - we also want to fight climate change by planting trees to offset our carbon emissions. We invite you to add your own tree to our garden. Together, we can absorb CO2, give back to Italy, and do our part to address climate change in a fruitful, floral kind of way.

Not sure what absorbing CO2 or offsetting carbon emissions means? No problem, check out our dictionary of terms in our Little Black Book here

Environmental Impact

Supports reforestation
Increases and protects the territory’s biodiversity
Prevents soil erosion and desertification, so fertile land does not become a desert

Social Impact

Introduces opportunities for work and socialization of locals
Positive project for locals impacted by a difficult social climate

Economic Impact

Creates a sustainable supply chain for oil and jam production
Directly finances local farmers who need work and income