Our shoe dust bags are made from 100% recycled organic cotton that has been grown without fertilizers and pesticides that instead promotes practices that encourage biodiversity and soil health.

And, bonus! Designed with two drawstrings and big straps on the side, our dust bags are reusable. Grab it the next time you visit the farmers market or when you’re out running errands and save the planet by avoiding disposable bags.

Location, location, location

We collaborate with and support the local Italian community with social and cultural engagements that encourage sustainability awareness in programs at schools and universities. 

Italian Excellence And Know-How

Our recycled organic cotton marries fine aesthetic appearance, excellence in quality fibres, and low environmental impact production processes that have been around for generations. It is made in a facility that is part of Rete Clima, a non-profit organization in Italy that promotes a reduction in CO2 emissions produced by industrial processes.