What Nonna taught us:

This pasta recipe is a classic of the typical cuisine of the province of Ascoli Piceno, especially in the zones of Amandola and Montefortino, with the landscape of the Monti Sibillini in shadow. To get your best truffle, go to Amandola for the first week of November and the annual 'Diamanti a Tavola' celebrating the prized white truffle. This was Nonna’s favorite!


Serving size depends on how hungry you are for pasta! 60g prized white truffle from the Sibillini Mountains, 350g egg tagliatelle, 3 liters chicken stock, 40g butter, salt.

How to make:

Prepare the chicken stock and add a little butter towards the end as the water starts to boil.

The stock can either be prepared traditionally with a whole defeathered chicken or with a stock cube. The choice is yours.

Add the pasta to the stock. When cooked drain from the water but do not allow the tagliatelle to dry too much.

Serve on sufficiently large plates and sprinkle large freshly grated flakes of the white truffle over the steaming pasta.

Don’t forget to share the food you made with love with the people you love!