The National Mussel and Spaghetti Festival

Italy's most important mussel and spaghetti festival takes place in Le Marche and has now passed 50 editions!

The formal title is the 'Sagra Nazionale delle Cozze e degli Spaghetti alla Marinara' and takes place in a small coastal town of Pedaso in the province of Fermo in mid August each year.

To feed such a crowd Pedaso calls in 130 quintals (28660 lbs) of mussels, 30 quintals (6613 lbs) of sauce and 20 quintals (4409 lbs) of spaghetti. Wow!

The dishes are cooked and served by 150-200 volunteers who each year lend a hand to make the fabulous festival happen.

All of this is accompanied by musical events and local market stands of course the main center of attention is traditional mussels 'in guazzetto' and spaghetti in a red 'marinara' fish sauce. Delicious!