Valorization Of Wine Waste

We collaborate with Italian wineries to capture grape marc discarded during wine production and convert it into a grape skin for our shoes. Grape marc is composed of grape skins, stalks and seeds discarded during wine production.

While most raw materials for leather alternatives are made with PVC (polyvinyl chloride), we use a water-based PU (polyurethane), which has no chemical solvents. PU is less harmful on the environment than PVC. Regarding the color, we use REACH compliant dyes.

No toxic solvents, heavy metals and dangerous substances are used in the production process; instead we use biomass, raw vegetable materials, and renewable sources.

Made In A Renewable Solar Energy Facility

Solar power is a free source of energy that is sustainable and totally inexhaustible, unlike fossil fuels. Our facility does not emit greenhouse emissions while producing electricity.

Italian Excellence And Know-How

As the world’s largest producer of wine with some of the oldest winemaking traditions, there are tons of liters of by-products, or “pomace” of some of the finest wines in Italy, which can be made into circular materials.

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